About Us

P. K. Gaur & Associates is an esteemed Chartered Accountancy Firm established in 1985. The firm has offices across India located in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Kanpur and Kolkata. The headquarter is based in Delhi and the firm has an expert team which has been specialising in various domains of financial services such as Tax & Regulatory Services ; Audit & Assurance Business Advisory ; Accounting & Business Support, Mergers and Acquisition, Entry level strategy etc. across various industries ranging Power, Energy, Steel, Petroleum, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Textile, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Banking and Consultancies.

The clients groups include private and public sector corporates, government and semi government agencies. To meet with the clients comprehensive needs, the firm provides a wide range of services.

We strongly believe in high quality services, commitment and consistency for all our clients and have a passionate team which works towards ensuring client success.